Staying On Track For New Years Resolution

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New Year’s Resolution Key To-Do’s:

  1. Take the first step and get started: One of the looming issues with a New Years Resolution is starting.   It hangs over you like an ominous task.   But here is the thing, your first run won’t be perfect.   In fact, it will begin to reveal what you need to do next time to progress and will help you plan for your second step.
  2. Build the habit: It takes 30 days to build a habit and is why most people fall of the New Year Resolution in the first month.
  3. Commit to eating right: Don’t just plan to cut out junk food, look at your entire day and plan your meal and eat time.   A modular meal prep bag (such as Isobag) are perfect for this.  They not only allow you to plan what you will eat, but guide you on portion size.

Hands down, what you eat has the biggest impact to your weight management goals!

Come talk to us.  We can help.  Happy New Years! Getting started 2