4 Tips To Keep Your New Fitness Goals

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1. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Setting goals that seem outrageously difficult or unattainable will discourage you from giving it your all or quitting entirely. Try breaking your bigger goals down into smaller, more realistic increments.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Getting our cardio or weight regiment started can be intimidating. Whether at the gym, park, or our own living room, we have a tendency to compound this already challenging, but noble act by worrying about how we look when we’re exercising: “I look too fat.” “I look too weak.” “i look too skinny.” “Am I doing this right?”

These insecurities, however true in our mind, most likely reside only in OUR mind. If there’s a lingering question about losing weight, gaining weight, gaining strength, or the correct way to do an exercise, work up the courage to ask the people around you . 9 out of 10 times people are more than willing to help answer questions and they’ll  be flattered they were chosen for advice! One fantastic way to lessen the anxiety is to get a workout buddy!

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3. Reward Your Efforts!


Whatever helps us get into those workout clothes and propel us off to exercise should be used as motivation for the hard work our goals require. It can be anything from a tub of protein to a new pre-workout formula we’ve been eyeing . By mindfully attaching our goals to rewards, we’ll be infinitely more psyched to get out of bed for that 6 am spin class. 

Alternatively, these carrots we dangle in front of us don’t have to tax our pockets! Smaller rewards have been shown to be just as effective, so try smaller rewards like new workout tunes for the playlist, a new magazine or book, or adding $1 to a “goal jar” for every small goal reached!

 4.  An Attitude Of Gratitude

In addition to functioning as a stress reliever, grateful people have more energy, which provides them the fuel needed to get an efficient and healthy workout. People with gratitude are scientifically proven to exercise more. In one study, participants who kept a weekly gratitude journal exercised 40 minutes more per week than those who didn’t. Believe it or not, it true!!!


Remember, the Nutrition 4 Less Pasadena family is here to help you achieve these very possible goals!!!! We hope this helps!!!